Such a thin foreskin, with a nice, shiny glans peeking out the end.

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For 900 followers. Woohoo! Not feeling as artistic about this one, but it’s something.

Thinking of posting an audio for the thousand milestone. We’ll see.


porn art close up picture 


porn art close up picture 

Con y sin prepucio. \o/ Cut or uncut.

El prepucio es una parte del pene con el que nacen el 100% de los hombres. Y no es un órgano vestigial o inútil ni mucho menos, cumple el dicho de que “si está ahí por algo será…”. Desempeña principalmente el papel de protección del glande, previniéndole de infecciones, lesiones y rozaduras que a la larga podrían disminuir la sensibilidad del pene, con las consiguientes implicaciones en las relaciones sexuales.

The foreskin is a part of the penis that the 100% born men. And not a useless vestigial organ or even less, meets the saying that “if there’s a reason …”. Mainly plays the role of protecting the glans, warning of infections, injuries and abrasions that ultimately may decrease the sensitivity of the penis, with consequent implications for sex.


one of my ALL-TIME favorite porns EVER…..at the end after his sex scene he starts sucking his own cock and it’s just too hot to even describe. look at that sexy study with his big dick, talented mouth, hairy legs, and hot as fuck feet!!!!!! i’d climb that like a tree